The Durkee® brand is a renowned and trusted leader in the spice category. Since 1850, Durkee® spices have represented quality, consistency, and value to our customers. With over 250 products covering spices and seasonings, as well as extracts and food colors, you are sure to deliver the flavor experience your customers want.

Our Ankeny, Iowa, manufacturing and distribution facility is among the world’s largest and most advanced. As a founding member of the American Spice Trade Association, we represent, advocate for, and help shape the future of the spice industry. Our focus and commitment to spices and seasonings for foodservice are unmatched in the industry.

Our pride is shared with you through the products we produce. With Durkee® spices and seasonings, you always express your best.



Eugene Durkee founded Durkee Spices in Buffalo, New York.


Jehiel and I.E. Tone founded Tone Brothers as a coffee and spice company in Des Moines, Iowa.


First to offer consumer sized packaging and pure ground pepper.


Durkee helped establish the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA).


First to introduce cans for spices, replacing paperboard cartons.


Pioneered freeze-ground milling and introduced plastic packaging with tamper-evident seals.


Purchased by Burns Philp of Sydney, Australia, bringing greater global presence and brands like Spice Islands and Durkee.


Tone Brothers, Inc., built the world's largest herb and spice production and distribution center.


Burns Philp consolidated all of its North American herb and spice operations to the Tone Brothers, Inc., facility in Ankeny, Iowa.


Associated British Foods plc purchased Tone Brothers, Inc., and began operations under management by ACH Food Companies, Inc., of the Durkee spices and seasonings brand.


B&G Foods, Inc. purchased the Durkee brand and its Ankeny production and distribution center.


American heartland

We are centrally located at the junction of Interstates 35 & 80.

R&D Quality Assurance

20,000 square feet devoted to your menu development.

Quality control laboratories

For physical, chemical, biological and organoleptic assessments of raw materials and finished goods.

Research and pilot production laboratory

To support new product development with respect to Recipes, Applications and Entrée Develoment.

Dedication to product fulfillment

Durkee products are manufactured in one of the largest spice plants in world, in more than 768,000 square feet on more than 60 acres of land in Ankeny, Iowa.

And more

Full Test Kitchen, Product Development and Sensory Laboratories Presentation Kitchen for Customer Demonstrations and Training.


High Quality First

Durkee finds the highest-quality spices from around the world through its global spice partners. By starting with a higher-quality product, we are sure to produce the best flavor, smell and appearance available in today’s spice market.

Premium Freshness

Durkee’s unique Cool Head Milling process locks in the flavor and aroma. Our flavor and aroma (heart of the product) are sealed in, protecting product integrity and quality.

Instant Brand Awareness

Studies show some 90% of customers recognize the Durkee brand nationwide.

Consistency And Availability

Durkee’s consistent quality products mean menu consistency and year-round availability, giving you unlimited menu creativity.


  • Clear packaging designed for easy and efficient use, with convenient slip-guard side grips and a shake / pour cap.
  • Unique tri-laminate sealed packaging preserves flavor and keeps spices as fresh as the day they were packaged
  • Easy-to-read, full bilingual labels (English and Spanish)
  • Complete nutritional panels on every product
  • Natural cap orientation – ergonomically designed to help reduce wrist joint and tendon fatigue.

Product Quality

  • The essence of each ground spice – the volatile oil – is captured and preserved during the Cool Head Milling process at temperatures as low as -120°F.
  • HACCP Program in Place
  • Metal Detection or Magnets on Each Line Versatility and variety
  • From core spices and seasonings to value-added blends
  • Vendor Certification Program
  • Inspection and approval of domestic international vendors
  • Performance monitored and reported back to vendors
  • Global Sourcing / Quality at the Source
  • Active Member of American Spice Trade Association (ASTA)


The Quality Control team uses physical and organoleptic testing to inspect incoming raw materials, finished goods and co-packed products; develops and coordinates the HACCP program; conducts bimonthly internal sanitation audits; and develops recall procedures.

The Research team develops the vendor certification program, which includes new ingredient/vendor approval and non-conformance notification, conducts real time and accelerated shelf life tests, and conducts competitive evaluations. They also develop analytical and microbiological testing methods that are used on raw materials and finished goods

The Product Development team formulates all of the packaged goods and custom blends, conducts sensory evaluation to be used during development of new products as well as for purchasing, research and marketing. They house the test kitchens for recipe development and application testing, and handle all of the Spice Advice 800# call center inquiries.

Other functions in the Quality Research and Development department include Specification Development and Regulatory Affairs. Specifications are developed for all raw materials, WIP and finished goods. Regulatory compliance is strictly adhered to on all of our ingredient statements and the nutritional analysis conducted on our products.