Spice 101


How to read the Durkee date code

The following is an example of the product code date printed on every bottle produced. The code number is found towards the bottom on one side of each bottle; black ink jet in all caps.

Shelf life

The recommended shelf life of our products is defined as the length of time we believe the product you purchase to be at optimal freshness. This does not mean that these products are not usable and safe past this time period, they simply will not be at their optimum freshness. 

For optimum quality, store unopened in cool, dry conditions. Store the “red ” spices (paprika, chili pepper, cayenne pepper) refrigerated to maximize their shelf life.

Product Shelf Life
Bacon Bits, Real & Imitation 1 year
Bouillon Cubes 2 years
Chives 2 years
Dec A Cake: Other 2 years
Dec A Cake Rainbow Decors (tubs) 1 year
Dehydrated Garlic/Onion 2 years
Dehydrated Vegetables: Other 2 years
Famous Sauce 1 year
Food Colors 2 years
Liquid Smoke 2 years
Parsley 2 years
Pure & Imitation Extracts 3 years
Seasonings* 2 years
Spices, Ground 2 years
Spices, Whole Herbs 2 years
Spices, Whole Seeds 3 years